Mother and Child


Parents often wonder if their child’s behavior is part of a normal developmental stage, or if itcould be ADHD:

  • Preschoolers and young children may be energetic and have difficulty following directions and taking turns. These behaviors may be age appropriate, or they may be a sign of ADHD.

  • Teenagers are sometimes reluctant to follow rules or pay attention. They may be moody or irritable. This could be a part of normal teenage development, or could indicate ADHD.

Happy Children

At any age, the key to diagnosing ADHD is determining the impact of symptoms on your child’s life. The best way to do this is to gather information from a variety of people to see how your child acts around them (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.). Also, an independent examination by a child psychologist can help to separate whether the behavior is normal or something that needs to be addressed.

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