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What is psychotherapy?  

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process based on the relationship between you and your therapist.  Although there are different types of psychotherapy, each relies on communication as the basic tool for bringing about change.  Psychotherapy may involve an individual,  groups of individuals, parents,  couples, or families.   It provides a supportive environment that allows you to interact openly with someone who is accepting and empathic. 

Dr. Zand uses a playful, trauma informed,  integrative  approach to conducting individual and family therapies.  Her approach affirms the inherent value of each individual and family, and focuses on enhancing each person's capacity to experience connection, trust, and joy.   Dr. Zand works with individuals at the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels  within the context of their environment.  Dr. Zand believes that playing, drawing, building, pretending, and moving, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems.  She uses psychotherapy interventions that are based on current interdisciplinary research. Examples of the different types of therapies she draws upon  include:

Attachment-based therapy

Client-centered therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Psychodynamic therapy

Humanistic therapy


Family systems therapy

Gestalt therapy

Dr. Zand's approach is:





The duration of  psychotherapy services will vary per person. Factors that impact the duration of services include, but are not limited to treatment goals, severity and duration of symptoms, and interventions selected.   The fee for therapy is $180.00 per hour.

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