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A psychological assessment seeks to provide information about a specific question pertaining to psychological, cognitive, or emotional functioning using standardized and empirically validated tools chosen by the clinician.  The results can be of great value in accessing specialized services, qualifying for educational or occupational accommodations, clarifying the nature of emotional or cognitive symptoms, and designing treatment interventions. Assessment fees vary depending upon the type and number of tests needed to address presenting concerns.   Assessment fees  are discussed with the parent(s)/client(s)  and placed in writing  at the time of the intake appointment, and typically range between $1000 to $4000.


Psychological assessments typically include:

  • 1-hour intake

  • 2-8 hours of testing. This can vary greatly depending on the issue and referral questions that need to be addressed.

  • 2-4 hours of scoring

  • 3-6 hours of report writing

  • 1-hour feedback session.


These guidelines can vary depending on the referral questions that need to be addressed, as well as whether prior testing has been performed. 

What is a psychological assessment?

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