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  • Meet with  Dr. Zand for a 90 minute appointment within 1 week of your initial call.

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Next Steps

  • At the end of your first meeting, obtain a personalized plan for next steps which may include: additional  assessment, therapy, parenting services, and/or referrals


Telephone: 314-319-3148


I will call  you within 24 hours of receiving your message to talk with you  about our services.  I can  schedule an appointment for you and your child  to meet with Dr. Zand.


  • You and your child  meet  for 90 minutes with Dr. Zand at the Kirkwood Office
  • Please bring any prior psychoeducational testing and most recent IEP, if available
  • Dr. Zand will talk with you about your concerns, needs, and expectations  
  • She will collect relevant background information, and  may ask you to complete some forms
  • She will also conduct an interactive observation with your child and, depending upon your child's age, ask your child some questions too
  • Dr. Zand will then develop with you a personalized plan for you and your family
*Components of a pre-adoption evaluation vary and are dependent upon the adoption agency's requirements.  Generally, pre-adoption evaluations include individual interviews with the prospective parents,  a conjoint interview, review of the home study report, psychological assessment, feedback, and a letter/report.  

Your children are our children.


Expect your personalized plan to include:

  • A conceptualization of the presenting issues

  • Recommendations tailored to meet   your child's and family's needs

  •  Recommendations may include psychological testing, therapy, parenting services, and/or referrals

Within one week of meeting with Dr. Zand, expect to receive a written report containing background information, mental status exam with interactive observations, conceptualization of issues, and recommendations. 

P: 314-319-3148

F: 888-920-1342


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